COVID-19 Safe Plan

To protect our staff, healthcare professionals, and patients, Our Medical Home Radiology in Williams Landing has introduced a COVID Safe Plan.

What is a COVID Safe Plan?

A COVID Safe Plan is mandatory requirement for all businesses currently open in Victoria, and is a different process for each state. This plan covers crucial actions taken by the company to help stop the introduction and spread of COVID-19.

Our Medical Home Radiology COVID Safe Plan

On principle, all staff are provided with up-to-date and regular training on the appropriate use and disposal of all personal protective equipment (PPE), the correct hand washing technique, and social distancing measures at the radiology clinic. Currently, all staff are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, including gloves, gowns, mask and face shields (when required).

The COVID-19 safe measures in place at the radiology clinic include:

  • Screening - mandatory temperature checks and health questionnaire on arrival
  • Record keeping - all visitors are required to complete the visitor’s register at front reception desk
  • Social distancing - 4 person minimum allowed in the area at any one time and 1.5 metre distancing floor stickers
  • Hygiene and Cleaning

        - All patients and visitors must wear a mask at all times and will not be allowed entry without one

        - Hand sanitiser station available at the entrance to the radiology clinic and reception 

        - Separate air conditioning controls for more air flow within the department

        - Communal items (pens, clipboards) are wiped and sanitised after every patient attendance

        - Door handles, reception desk and waiting room chairs are sanitised on an hourly basis

        - Thorough cleaning of clinic with sanitised wipes 3 times daily and all beds in modality rooms changed for each patient

Response to COVID-19 positive cases

In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 positive case, the following will take place:

  1. Immediate isolation and provision of personal protective equipment for the individual
  2. COVID-19 test, followed by self-isolation for 14 days
  3. Appropriate authorities (DHHS and Worksafe Victoria) and company directors contacted about the positive case
  4. Closure of the medical centre and radiology clinic and all staff sent home to self-isolate for 14 days
  5. Mandatory COVID-19 testing for all staff/visitors and further self-isolation until a negative result is received
  6. Patients contacted with the guidance of the DHHS and public health for Victoria
  7. All tasks reviewed and completed prior to re-opening the medical centre and radiology clinic

Correct as of 7th August 2020