Diabetes Health Check

While many are tempted to avoid the GP at the moment, managing chronic disease such as diabetes, is more important than ever to reduce susceptibility to further illness. Over the last few months, social isolation from COVID-19 has greatly impacted the psychological and physical health of all people living with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Now is the time to re-engage with your GP for effective management of diabetes-related complications. 

Diabetes GP Near Me

There are seven Our Medical Home medical centres across Sydney, Melbourne and South-East Queensland. These centres are open until 10pm every day of the year. All GP consultations are bulk billed. The experienced doctors at Our Medical Home can help patients manage their diabetes through:

  • A structured approach to care
  • Involving a multidisciplinary team to deliver that care
  • Encouraging self-management of diabetes 

Diabetes Allied Health Professionals

For patients with diabetes, it is important to have access to all of the essential primary health services in the same location for a continued cycle of care. For example, GPs may refer diabetic patients to consult with a dietitian or diabetic educator on healthy eating, exercise physiologist or physiotherapist on physical activity or podiatrist for a foot assessment.

Our Medical Home delivers a multidisciplinary team approach to patient care, with continued access to a bulk billing GPs, allied health professionals and specialists at the medical centre.

Act now. Get a Diabetic Health Check

Now is the time for patients with diabetes to keep their health in check. Early diagnosis, treatment and effective ongoing support and management helps reduce the burden of chronic diseases for both patients and their families.

Our medical centres are located in Gregory HillsMarsden ParkPenrithGold CoastLoganholmeCranbourne and Williams Landing.

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