Do I need a flu shot in 2020?

The flu season has been delayed this year, but remains an ever-present threat.

What has delayed the 2020 flu season?

Social isolation and distancing measures, overseas and interstate travel bans, and more stringent hand hygiene practices are the moving pillars behind the very low number of recorded flu cases and flu-related deaths in Australia so far. In the early stages of COVID-19, general practices saw a much higher uptake of vaccinations across the nation, which has helped relieve pressure from Australia's healthcare system's vital resources.

Flu rates will rise again

In recent weeks, social restrictions have started to ease, and with it, healthcare experts are expecting a rapid rise in flu rates. While over 100 lives lost to COVID-19 is tragic, more than 800 people passed away from the flu in Australia in last year.

While there is no vaccine yet for COVID-19, immunising against the influenza virus saves lives and helps lower the risk of diagnostic uncertainty between the flu and COVID-19. Learn how to protect yourself against the flu virus.

Get your free flu vaccine at Our Medical Home

There has never been a more critical time to get immunisation against the flu.

At Our Medical Home free flu vaccines are now available for patients while stocks last. The flu shots is free for all Medicare card holders. 

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