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National Diabetes Week – ‘Heads Up on Diabetes’

55% of people with type 1 diabetes say they are made to feel that it was their fault and 26% of those living with type 2 diabetes say they have been told that they brought it on themselves. National Diabetes Week is calling out diabetes-related stigma and discrimination.


National Diabetes Week – ‘Heads Up on Diabetes’

This year, the theme for National Diabetes Week in Australia challenges the misconceptions of diabetes. The campaign asks all Australians to rethink how we think about diabetes and to:

·         reduce the burden with more compassion

·         reduce the blame with more understanding

·         reduce the barriers and help people get support

Diabetes is a complex condition that affects the entire body. In Australia, 1.8 million people are living with diabetes, with more than 120,000 Australians diagnosed in the past year.

Diabetes is increasing

Diabetes is increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases in Australia. All types of diabetes can lead to complications, and can affect overall quality of life, if not well managed.

Whilst there’s not a signal cause for diabetes, there are risk factors for type 2 diabetes, that we can be aware of.

Type 2 diabetes may be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, eating healthily, managing blood pressure, not smoking and managing cholesterol levels.

You may calculate your own risk using the Diabetes Australia risk calculator here.

Visit your GP

If you would like to speak to someone about your risk for diabetes, or request a blood test to measure glucose levels, head to Our Medical and request to speak to a GP.

In addition to bulk billing GPs, diabetes educators and care plan nurses are available at some Our Medical locations who are available to patients diagnosed with diabetes. Contact your nearest location for more information.

Our locations.

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