Mental Health Matters

Mental wellbeing plays an important part in the overall health of individuals and does not discriminate between age, gender, profession and location. This year has been particularly difficult for everyone on a national and global scale, and has drawn attention to the seriousness of mental health in adapting to major change. 

How is your Mental Health?

Mental health is just as significant as physical health and should be treated with the same level of support and care by healthcare professionals, friends, family and the wider community. Talking about psychological wellbeing and taking positive action against common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, can make a life-changing difference. If you're experiencing a deterioration in your psychological wellbeing, it is crucial to speak to your GP, and in some cases, get a referral to visit a psychologist.

Talking to a GP about Mental Health

In these difficult and uncertain times that we are all facing together, mental health should remain a very high priority for everyone. The GPs at Our Medical Home medical centres offer face to face and telehealth services over the phone. For ease of access and greater convenience, our medical centres are open until 10pm every day of the year, including public holidays, and appointments are not required for a consultation with a bulk billing GP. Our medical centres are located in Gregory Hills, Marsden Park, Penrith, Gold Coast, Loganholme, Cranbourne and Williams Landing.

In addition to GPs and psychologists at Our Medical Home, there are a wide range of 24/7 support services for mental wellbeing including Lifeline, Beyond Blue and Kids Helpline.