Winter is Coming

At the mid-point of 2020, it's exciting to see winter sports and outdoor recreational activities on the not-so-distant horizon across Australia.

To stay ahead of the game, Our Medical Home Dental is offering $99 custom mouthguards for both kids and adults, in addition to dental check-ups and cleans and whitening. Afterpay is available for all dental services and treatments at all of our dental clinics:



Winter Sports Injury and Recovery

To assess the seriousness of a sports injury and create effective treatment plans, Our Medical Home medical centres provide radiology services in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland. This year we have opened two new Our Medical Home Radiology clinics at Williams Landing and Gregory Hills for bulk billed CT, ultrasound and x-ray services available weekdays and weekends.

For quick recovery of sports injuries, physiotherapy services are available at Our Medical Home at Cranbourne, Gregory Hills, Marsden Park, Penrith, Gold Coast and Loganholme. For booking enquiries please contact your local medical centre.

Winter Colds

The icy welcome of winter is a harsh reminder of back-to-school or back-to-work colds and the importance of preventative health care. Our Medical Home medical centres are open until 10pm on weekdays and weekends, with bulk billing GPs available without the need for an appointment.

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