Dr Randall Jackson

Our Medical Annerley welcomes Dr Randall Jackson to our contemporary medical centre.

Dr Jackson is an experienced general practitioner, previously practising in the Oxley area.

Dr Jackson has experience in all aspects of general practice, however, he has a special interest in men's health and sports medicine. 

Patients should simply come in and ask to see Dr Randall Jackson for a bulk billed consult.

Dr Randall Jackson_Our Medical Annerley

Open to 10pm every day, Our Medical Annerley offers comprehensive services for end-to-end care. Bulk billed GPs are available for in-person consultations without the need for an appointment. 

The medical centre is well connected to transport hubs. Parking is available at the medical centre. 

If you have clinical records at another medical practice, we can help arrange a transfer of those records to ensure that your records are available to your treating doctor.

Our Medical Annerley
364 Ipswich Road
Annerley QLD 4103
Ph: (07) 3155 6000

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