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For current patients at some of our locations, we offer remote consultations with quality GPs.

Marsden Park & Cranbourne patients will need to access telehealth via the Our Medical app. Available now for iPhone and Android

Woman in a telehealth voice call with Our Medical

Remote consults with real GPs in our real medical centres.

At some Our Medical locations, patients that have attended the medical centre in-person, within the last 12 months, can join the queue for a telehealth consult via the 'Our Medical' app. The times that this option is available varies by location. Telehealth is not available on public holidays and only available at Marsden Park and Cranbourne.

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Phone consults available

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Our Medical telehealth

The Our Medical app has landed

The new Our Medical app allows patients to join the queue for a telehealth consult. Choose between the first available GP or the doctor of your choice. Download the app today! Available for new and existing patients. (Telehealth only available for Marsden Park and Cranbourne patients).

Our Sage telehealth services

The best form of general practice is face to face, however for when an in-person consult is not available, Our Sage is the next best alternative. Our Sage provides access to privately-billed telehealth consults (no Medicare rebate) from 7am to 11pm every day of the year. Learn more

Our Sage telehealth services


In-person versus remote consults. What’s the difference?

In-person visits offer the best standard of care for any health issue. Face to face consultations with your GP allow for physical examinations, immediate referrals (like x-rays and blood tests) and more nuanced discussions about your health and possible solutions. In-person visits should always be the priority for an initial diagnosis of a new condition or illness. Our Medical is open until 10pm every day for in-person visits. 

Remote consultations can be an option for when a face-to-face consultation isn't possible or essential – such as if the patient has flu-like symptoms, to have a follow up discussion on test results, or for repeat scripts and referrals. Telehealth can also be an option for assessing whether a physical examination, and visit to your nearest Our Medical location, is required. Telehealth consults are available on weekdays (not including public holidays). 

"Telehealth was easy and doctor was professional."

Male Patient, 26, Our Medical Crows Nest

"Love that the option is available for telehealth, and that I can also come in and pick up a script from the instore pharmacy."

Female Patient, 31, Our Medical Penrith

"Convenience of telehealth consultations are such a life changer. I can focus on just keeping my sick child at home, rather than dragging her out just to get a carer's certificate."

Caregiver of a 2 year old, Our Medical Cranbourne