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Free Flu Vaccine

Free flu vaccines are now available at all Our Medical locations. Simply come in to see a GP to receive your free flu shot.


Free Flu Vaccine

2022 Free Flu Vaccine

According to the Chief Medical Officer, international borders opening and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions will likely lead to a resurgence of influenza this year. The flu vaccine is strongly encouraged for all Australians over the age of 6 months to protect the community. 

When can I have the 2022 flu vaccine? 

The 2022 seasonal flu vaccine is now available at all Our Medical locations. 

Unlike previous years, there is no need to wait between receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and receiving the influenza vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine does not protect against influenza, so patients should still receive their annual flu vaccine.

Who is eligible for the free flu shot? 

All age groups can receive the free flu vaccine at Our Medical, when available. Patients aged 6 months and over can receive their influenza vaccine at Our Medical. See your nearest Our Medical location to check which flu vaccines are available now. 

There is no need for an appointment, simply come in 7am to 10pm weekdays and 8am to 10pm on weekends. 

Is the flu shot free? 

At Our Medical, you and your family can receive the flu vaccine for free*. There is no need for an appointment, simply come into our bulk billing medical centre to see a GP at a time that suits you. 

Visit your nearest Our Medical location for your free flu vaccine.

*The flu shot and GP consultation is free for Medicare card holders. Non-Medicare holders will be required to pay for a consult with a GP.