Response to COVID-19

The outbreak of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation in Australia. As this situation unfolds, our priority is to care for all our patients and the local community. To support this, we have made two important changes at Our Medical Home medical centres: 

Reception concierge 

On arrival at our medical centres all patients will now be asked a few simple questions to allow us to isolate any patients that are considered ‘at-risk’ of COVID-19. This allows us to better support and enable doctors to provide the care that these patients need, while reducing the risk of casual contact with any other patients. Isolated patients will be cared for on-site in an isolation room or separate marquee.  
Telehealth services 

Patients who consider themselves ‘at-risk’ of COVID-19 – whether from overseas travel, close contact with people from overseas, or exposure to COVID-19, can now call the medical centre to speak to a GP in the first instance. Call reception and a GP will call you back for an initial telehealth consult. At that time, you will receive instruction on next steps if further testing or treatment is required.  

Patients that are more susceptible to COVID-19, can also call the centre for a telehealth consultation for any illness. These include patients 

  • That are pregnant,
  • With children less than 1 year old 
  • That are aged 70 or over, 
  • That are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged 50+, or 
  • Those already under treatment for chronic health conditions or immune compromised.

To be eligible for a telehealth consultation, patients that are more susceptible to COVID-19, will need to have it with a GP that you have seen in the last 12 months.

To take further steps to protect your health, all patients are encouraged to come in for their flu vaccination while stocks last.  

At Our Medical Home, we believe the strength of the Australian healthcare system is built on the strength of general practice and primary healthcare. We will continue to do everything we can to support doctors in our centres to provide the highest quality primary healthcare service to all our patients.  

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